The Mark of a Great Future

Where Convention Meets Evolution

Striking a balance between tradition and transformation is a hallmark of the Eugene Country Club story, both in its remarkable history and in the coming chapters yet to be written. As we prepare to turn the page toward what's ahead, we understand this is a place where convention and evolution have always met in compromise. The brand identity presented here symbolizes and pays tribute to that legacy while honoring the past, respecting the present, and embracing the future.

Our Symbol. Our Story.

No single element of ECC captures the imagination and attention like the towering fir trees bordering the fairways. The abstract fir tree rendered in bold, stylized brush strokes serves as the focal point for the updated logo and speaks to a wider story. It represents local community and timber as the original economic backbone of our state. Taken as a whole, its branches represent the new shoots of family while tree rings and maturity hint at history and heritage. The horizontal strokes form a backward-facing "E" to signify the past and a complementary forward-facing "E" indicates the future, while each stroke also symbolizes the key golf, fitness, and social aspects of the club.