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Mission Statement

Founded in 1899, Eugene Country Club is rich in history and tradition. We are a private, member owned club and maintain a non-profit status. The Club is governed by a Board of Directors, who are elected annually by the membership. We believe our Mission Statement and Values describe us best:

Mission Statement

Eugene Country Club offers a private club where members, family, and guests enjoy world-class golf, a complementary clubhouse, camaraderie, and attentive service surrounded by the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty.



Commitment to Golf: As a consistent Top 100 golf course, Eugene Country Club has a long and strong tradition of golf excellence. Members love the game and the club’s rich golf history.
Exceptional Experiences: Whether on the golf course, in the dining room, or enjoying other club facilities, members and guests enjoy personalized service in a relaxed, comfortable setting. Our professional service staff is amongst the best in the private club industry and are unmatched in their commitment to serving members, their families, and guests. In addition to our outstanding golf course, Eugene Country Club also affords members with exceptional facilities for tennis, swimming, dining, fitness, and social entertaining throughout the year.
Success: Success is evident in every aspect of the club – from the course to the dining services, the members to the staff. Success instills pride, which is reflected in how we care for the course and treat each other.
Family Friendly: Everyone in the member’s immediate family is considered a member and treated like one.
Natural Beauty: Nature envelops the course and club, providing a respite and relaxing oasis in the middle of town.