Hole 6

For most amateur players, this is a three-shot par 5. Big hitters can go over the fairway bunkers on the right in an attempt to reach the green in two with a long second shot. If you choose to make it a three-shot hole, your second shot should be aimed more left than it appears; aiming just to the right of the gap in the Fir trees in the distance usually works well. If you drive down the center of the fairway and are still near the top of the hill, your layup second will be 190 yards at most. The green has a shelf that runs across its middle, so try to hit to the level on which the hole is cut. Layup yardages to 85 yards from the green are on the sprinklers. The grave of Indian Liza, reported to be the babysitter for Cal Young's children, is located on the right side of the fairway at the top of the hill nearing the third shot approach area.


Blue 545
White 515
Red 500
Yellow 491
Par (Men/Women) 5/5
Handicap (Men/Women) 1/1