Hole 15

Number 15 is usually considered the most demanding par 4 on the course. Long hitters can hit drives past the corner of the dogleg, but most players aim to the center or right of center from the tee, in order to ensure a view of the green from the approach area. The approach is a bit uphill, and with the deep, angled green you can usually take an extra half or full club, because a chip or bunker shot from the swale on the right side of the green is difficult. Approach shots clearing the front right bunker but landing short of the green will bounce down into the swale or back right bunker. Many players forget the hole placement and aim for the center of the green. The green has quite a bit of slope to it (down to the swale).


Blue 410
White 385
Red 368
Yellow 357
Par (Men/Women) 4/4
Handicap (Men/Women) 4/4