Hole 13

This par 5 is a three shot hole, except for very big hitters. A conservative approach is to use a three wood off the tee, hit a two hundred yard second shot, and then a shot of 100-120 yards into the green. The drive should be to the center or left center of the fairway, because Oak trees screen second shots from the right side of the fairway. A couple of undulations in the fairway can result in awkward lies unless your drive stays short of or clears them. Unless you are playing a shot to be near the green, staying center, or slightly right of center is the safe layup second shot, because the left side in the approach area is protected by another large overhanging Maple.


Blue 525
White 518
Red 457
Yellow 445
Par (Men/Women) 5/5
Handicap (Men/Women) 2/2