Course Rules

All players must have permission from the Golf Pro Shop to start anywhere other than the first tee. Replace all divots; repair all ball-marks on the greens; repair all sand bunkers, consistently remind others to do the same. Slow playing groups should let faster playing groups go through. When in doubt of any rule or playing time, check with the Golf Professional.

Guests: Guests that are local residents of Lane County are not allowed to use the golf facilities more than twice in a calendar year, and then only as guests of members. Guests must register at the Golf Pro Shop.

Senior Members: May play golf up to ten times annually and are limited to one fee paying guest on each visit. This fee does not include the use of a cart.

Juniors under 12 years of age must not play on the course or practice putting green, unless accompanied by an older responsible person or with permission of the Golf Pro Shop.

Players shall not play any shot until players ahead are out of range. On all tees, divots shall be replaced immediately and especially on the short holes where iron divots are taken. Taking divots on practice shots is unnecessary and shall be avoided. Fairway divots shall be replaced at once and pressed down properly, except during dry weather.

Ball holes on the greens shall be repaired by loosening up, and leveling off, the impacted hole prior to putting out. Pull carts and power carts must be kept at least 30 feet from the greens, and never pulled across ANY part of the green. Always put bags and carts to the "tee side" of the green. Do not stand or step within 18 inches of the hole while holding the flag or retrieving your ball. Do not hit the side of the cup while replacing the flag. The flag pole should be set down, rather than dropped.

Do not scrape your feet or pivot on the greens. This type of injury to the putting surface is difficult to cure. Level off holes in bunkers with the rakes provided. Avoid unnecessary walking through bunkers. Do not pull carts through bunkers.

Line up your putt before your turn. Move off the green promptly when holed out and players are behind you. Enter your score when on the next tee.

Use proper equipment to mark the ball on the greens. Do not scrape the surface as a marking point.

When a player loses a ball, or for any other reason holds up players behind him, he shall motion the players through. The only exception is when players ahead cause the delay. If you like to be deliberately slow in your play, do so, but do not hold up players behind you. Remember, unnecessary slowness is embarrassing to other players in your foursome and discourteous to those following.

No player shall start on Hole #10 while players are approaching the preceding green. Players entering the Clubhouse for refreshments after finishing No. 9 shall forfeit No.10 rights to players approaching No. 9.

Do not practice approaching, chipping to, or putting on regular greens. The practice course has been prepared for your convenience and the practice greens are available for putting practice at all times. Players on the practice tee are to exercise caution while players are walking down No.1. Only authorized persons are allowed to pick up practice balls. Practice balls can be used on the practice range only.

Drinks in glasses or bottles are not permitted on any part of the playing course. If you wish to take a drink along, do so, but only in paper containers that are provided at the bar for that purpose. Dispose of the paper containers by putting them in the trash cans which are conveniently located. This rule will be strictly enforced. Violators will be restricted on their use of the course.

Men will wear shirts at all times.

To utilize the course to the best advantage, starters may be used on Thursday and Saturday, Sunday and Holiday mornings during the busy season. Players will not tee off on any tee without permission of starter.

Fivesomes are allowed, if they can keep up their place on the course.

Foursomes have priority over any other grouping on Men's Day.

Dogs are not permitted on grounds or in the Club House at any time.

The road/cart path to the left of #5 is played as an integral part of the golf course, and the ball is played as it lies. Free relief from the following conditions, surfaced cart paths, roads, exposed gravel drains and bark-dusted flower beds, except where defined otherwise.

The Golf Professional and his assistants have been authorized to administer these rules with no exception. Willful violators will be reported to the Board of Directors.

If situations arise which are not covered by the above, let common courtesy dictate your course of action.

Eugene Country Club is a soft-spike only course year round. The only exception will be for medical conditions.

Help keep the course interesting and in good condition by complying with the above rules.

Remember: Replace All Divots

Repair Ball Holes on Green